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Thinking of moving a hot tub yourself?
Why You Should Use The Hot Tub Mover


Buying And Moving A Used Hot Tub:- Picture the scene – You are sat on your sofa, browsing facebook or ebay…and you see it –a beautiful used hot tub for sale – a quick message to the seller, its still available- Hurrah !!…

You make an appointment to go and see it. Its Beautiful. Images flow in to your mind of summer evenings in the tub in your garden with a glass of wine or beer. Before you know it you have sold a kidney and bought the tub.
Done deal. Now…how do you get the thing moved and into your garden?

Ah, no problem – its easy…right? Back onto facebook, find a man with a van and job done? Err…not quite. You need The Hot Tub Mover. Read on…

Hot tub moving and hot tub relocation is a specialist job. Let me chat you through the things most people don’t even think about.

How was it originally put in?
This is a key question to ask – lots of hot tubs are brought it on a sled or a specialist spa dolly. If it came in via a crane over a wall or over the house – guess what – that’s the way its coming back out.

The Weight
Most solid hot tubs weigh between 300kg and 650kg. You cannot just lift them up and carry them out with a couple of blokes. They are large and don’t go round corners very well. In the wrong hands, a spa toppling over will kill someone.

Protecting the Spa
How is the spa going to be protected during its journey from one garden to the next? Most spas have a wooden Skirt/surround kit that is bespoke to the tub and from the manufacturer. You can’t nip down to B and Q and get a replacement if it gets damaged. The spa shell will be a nice shiny acrylic material – its damaged very easily when dragged over gravel and concrete.

Transport between locations
Hot tubs don’t go in the back of vans……. They are too big and even if its a small tub, getting it up and into the van will be near on impossible. Remember – hot tubs don’t go in vans.
Usually, tubs are transported on flatbed vans or large trailers. .Did I mention tubs don’t go in the back of vans….. ??

Install at its new location
How will the hot tub be installed in its new home? How do you get it there? Any steps, slopes, height restrictions? We have moved many spas for people who assure us they have measured only for us to arrive with it and there is not enough clearance to get the spa in. “I thought it would fit – didn’t think it would be that big….”is the usual response

Insurance and Damage
What happens if the tub gets damaged during the relocation? Some tubs can be in excess of 7-8k second hand. If it falls over or gets scratched – who is paying for that?

By now, you are probably having a good think about how and why anyone would want to move a hot tub?? That’s a really good question and we can provide the answer. Moving a hot tub is a specialist job – you wouldn’t ask your dentist to build you a new extension at your house nor would you ask your electrician to prescribe some drugs for your sore throat. Moving a tub requires skill, know how and the correct specialist equipment to do it.

We move tubs all the time, its what we are good at. Sometimes a customer will query the price…all I say to them is “based upon what you will have likely paid for the tub, the move price is a relatively small amount of money to ensure its moved safely and efficiently with no damage”.

We pay for a very comprehensive goods in transit insurance and public liability policy should anything ever go wrong. We also train our staff on safe handling and correct transport procedures and invest in kit to move tubs . This all costs money.

If i had a £1 for every phone call i get that starts like this ” Hi, I’ve just bought this hot tub…I paid this guy off facebook with a van to move it…and he can’t move it..can u help me please…?”

If you are buying a hot tub, please consider the implications and costs of moving it. Give us a call, send us some pictures and we will be happy to advise and help you make the right decision and go into the purchase with your eyes open.

We are always happy to give good advice and help as best we can. Ben – The Hot Tub Mover – 07525 326044 – [email protected]

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