Does A Hot Tub Fit In A Van?

Hot tub in a van

Does A Hot Tub Fit in A Van?

One of the questions The Hot Tub Mover gets regularly is “Does a hot tub fit in a van?

The simple answer to this is “No”.

Getting a hot tub up from the ground on to the edge of the loading area is one thing, getting it to fit is another.

We recently witnessed this situation  – the collection of a perfectly nice hot tub  where the buyer insisted on collecting themselves and brought a van – despite our advice to bring a trailer.

“We have a big van” was the response. Ok Hope its a big van then!

Guess what ….it didn’t fit so the following happened…….

(all this was done by the hot tub buyer I might add…)

Morale of the Story – use a professional hot tub mover – like The Hot Tub Mover

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