Hot Tub Removal – Stockport to Wigan – 10th July 2020

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Mike from Wigan contacted The Hot Tub Mover and set us a real challenge! To Move and relocate a hot tub through a house!!

The hot tub had been installed some time in the past and since being installed, some building work had been done to the property which meant access via the side and rear of the property was out of the question. As the house where the hot tub was being removed from was being renovated, Mike said he had measured and was confident the hot tub could be removed via the house.

Never one to turn down a challenge, Luke and Cody set about moving the tub with help from Mike and his tape measure.

After a bit of shimmying and shaking, the hot tub was removed and safely on our hot tub crane truck for its journey to Wigan.

At the delivery end, Mike had built a beautiful area for the tub to go . 

Great project for the hot tub mover and Mike gave us a 5 Star Trustpilot review for our work. Thanks Mike 

"Set them a challenge to move a hot tub through a house and they accepted. Hot tub relocated Undamaged. Brilliant service. Thanks guys."

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