Swim Spa Collection from Kirkudbright

Swim Spa Collection from Kirkudbright


Early start this morning to visit Kirkudbright to collect this Passion Spa swim spa from within a garage where it had been located from new. Video checks with the customer revealed a few issues, number 1 being the narrow access from the roadside down to the garage and 2 the doors that had been installed after the swim spa was positioned would need to be removed to allow the extraction of the spa.

We came up with a plan to use our Transit / heavy lift trailer combination – the trailer being an ideal tool for the job as it has a 3 ton winch installed with on board power and the tilt deck which allowed a nice smooth transition from the floor on to the trailer for the spa.

A local joiner removed the doors a few hours before our arrival so we were straight into the removal upon arrival.

45mins from arrival, we were loaded and strapped on, ready to go.

A well planned and executed job by The Hot Tub Mover.


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