Hot Tub Lift with Hiab in Bridlington

hot tub move projects

First job today was a Hot Tub Lift with Hiab in Bridlington.

This was a lift of a new tub from the truck on to ours and then a reposition to enable us to lift the tub over a fence and into position. It required a long reach off the back the truck using our long reach hiab arm.

Job 1 done and dusted.

Hot Tub Lift with Hiab in Bridlington

About The Hot Tub Mover

We specialise in Hot tub moves, hot tub transport and hot tub delivery services across the UK. We are fully insured and have the correct equipment to move a hot tub safely and efficiently.

We carry out hot tub relocation and swim spa relocations for home users and business users alike offering our services to customers who are buying new and used hot tubs and customers moving home etc.

The Hot Tub Mover offers hot tub storage facilities should you need to store your hot tub for a period of time.

Our 2 bespoke hot tub crane trucks enable us to lift hot tubs over walls and fences with ease. Our trucks are capable of reaching 7.5 metres and lifting hot tubs up to 450kg at full reach.

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