Swim Spa Removal – Hull – 25th June 2020

swim spa removal in Hull


swim spa removal in Hull

Today was a BIG job!

The Hot Tub Mover had been asked by a client to survey to carry out a swim spa relocation  in Hull.

The Survey concluded it would be quite a task as the spa would need craning over house and then craning back into the new location – again over the house.

The Collection End.

First task was to pull down the summerhouse that the swim spa was sat in – the client had organised a skip so the team removed the summerhouse and it was placed in the skip on the roadside. We were the ready to lift the spa.

The dry weight of this spa was 1.3 tonnes , with the residual water left in the pipework the spa tipped the scales on the crane at 1.6 tonnes!!! We had booked the services of one of our regular crane companies who we knew had the skills and the know how to remove this spa from its home.

The spa was safely removed from the garden over the house and onto our trailer ready for transport

The Delivery End

A short trip across Hull and we moved the spa to the delivery location. The customer has prepared a concrete pad for the spa to sit on and key to this move was landing the spa directly on to the pad.

A few branches were removed to allow the crane to swing and rotate around and the spa was safely placed on to the pad in its new home.

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