Hot Tub Move – Scarborough to Boston – Monster Tub!

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Hot Tub Move – Scarborough to Boston – Monster Tub!

Hot Tub Move - Customer 5 Star Review
A 5 Star Review

Hot Tub Move - Scarborough to Boston


Today’s hot tub move was one of the largest tubs we have ever moved. !!

The hot tub in question is a Serena Bay by Dimension one The stats are very impressive

Length – 3 Metres
Width 2.3 Metres
Weight – 600kg (dry) and 2500kg Full!!

It was to be moved from under a wooden structure in its home town of Scarborough down to Boston.
Our team were up bright and early and had the tub removed and onto the trailer by 9am to start the journey to its new home. We had to use the twin axle trailer today as it was too big for the truck !!

In Boston, we were able to pull up and lift the tub off into its new home with our hiab and place for the customer.


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