Hot Tub Move-Crane Lift Into Garden

Hot Tub Move - Crane Lifting a hot tub into a garden

Hot Tub Move-Crane Lift Into Garden

Hot Tub Move - 1st May 2020 - Crane Lift Into Garden
the Hot Tub – Ready to be moved

First Job today was to move a hot tub and lift into a garden
We travelled down to Northampton for this job which was ideal for our hiab. The client had a hot tub that had been delivered and left at the side of the house whilst some work was carried out in the garden.

Once the garden was ready, the hot tub was ready to be lifted in and moved into position.

First task was to load the tub on to the truck and get it ready for the lift over the wall. Paul had good access with the truck so it was nice and straightforward to lift on and secure.Once secure we travelled just round the corner to set the crane up to lift over the wall.

The hiab we use is ideal for this type of move, its 8 metre reach allows heavy tubs to be lifted over wall and fences with ease.

Watch the video below to see how we did it.


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